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CH Amblers Cleveland Rocks ~ Drew
Height: 9.5" Weight: 9.8 pounds
 does not carry satin (short coat) or curly
Color testing: kyky, ayat, Ee, DD, BB
(carries sable, black/tan, cream, gold, red, irish pied/parti, black pigment, 
does not carry dilute, does not carry chocolate)
To see Drew's health testing visit his OFA page
Drew's hips are OFA GOOD and elbows normal.

Drew, known as Drewby, is the happiest little boy who loves everyone, knows no stranger, loves to snuggle and loves to play. He has a lovely dark almond eye, gorgeous red pied coat, happy smile, and exuberant disposition.  Of course he also has excellent conformation, lean bones, great health, and 6/6 scissor bite.  

Drew's pedigree contains some exciting things.  His grandpa was the very first Havanese to win Best in Show, BIS Multi CH  West Creek Hot Shot Tapscott. Drew carries on a long line of Y chromosome (15 generations) back to Juan Pequeno, one of the original Cuban Havanese who's descendants came to this country. Drew's pedigree also contains CH Puppy from Cuba.  We are excited about the genetic diversity Drew brings to our breeding program.  Not only is he adorable and oh so sweet, he also has the genetic material to help achieve our goals of maintaining genetic diversity for greater health and strong immune systems.

Drew easily finished his AKC championship.  In four weekends of showing he  won WD 6 times, BOW 5 times, best puppy 5 times and a Toy Group 1 Puppy as well as several other Group Puppy wins.  We are very proud of this little boy.   

Below you can see Drew 'undressed' to see his lovely structure. 
Little Phantom of Velvet Dreams ~ Zuri
The search for genetic diversity among the Havanese is not easy to come by.  Since the breed developed with only 11 Havanese and only 9 of them reproduced, the chances for genetic diversity are rather slim but not impossible with careful planning and research.  In my search for genetic health and diversity, I have teamed up with other health conscious breeders.  Even so, I was still driven to find a pedigree that did not overlap any of my current pedigrees for at least 5 generations, and also had a very low inbreeding coefficient.  

This lead me to Germany. The bonus of importing from Germany is that all dogs used for breeding must be approved for structure and breed type and they also must have passed health testing for eyes and patella.  This is at least some assurance that the parents are excellent examples of the breed and are healthy.  As I was searching pedigrees, it lead me to some puppies available through Velvet Dreams.  I contacted them about any current show puppies.  Zuri is co- owned with my friend Maishelle King. This has been a wonderful adventure for all of us.  There is no doubt that we are thrilled with our new boy.  I am very excited about the addition of Zuri to our breeding program and have high hopes he will bring genetic diversity as well as excellent health, great temperament, and exceptional breed type to our breeding program. 

 Zuri, known around the house as Zuri Burry, is easy going and observant but always happy.  He is  very mild mannered, always kind and loving and not invested in being top dog. He loves attention, loves to be snuggly and is a very easy going dog and very easy to live with.  He is non-demanding and makes him self comfortable no matter what we are doing.  He is a very sweet boy and we totally adore him.

Zuri was doing very well in the show ring, and is about half way to his championship including having a 4 point major, however, at one of the shows he came down with a doggie virus and became very ill.  Since this time he is very hesitant about showing. We love him dearly and will not make him distressed just to show him, so we are taking it easy and letting him hang out around the house and be loved as our beloved pet.  He is adored, with or without a championship, to us, he already is a champion.
9.5 inches, 9.5 pounds
Silky coat with slight wave
Red Brindle.... EE, BB, DD, does not carry curly, satin/short coat, dilute or chocolate.

Zuri has passed his health testing for eyes, hearing, patella, cardiac, elbows and hips as well as blood panels checking liver and kidneys.  OFA
Dark Night Davino *Star of Havanna*  ~  Davino
Height: 10"   Weight:  11.2 lb 
Silky coat with a slight wave
does not carry satin/short coat
black/tan with white markings
kyky atat, carries parti
Does not carry curly, dilute or chocolate.

Davino has passed his hearing, patella, cardiac, hip, elbow and eye exams
 as well as blood panels checking for liver and kidney function.  OFA

We are thrilled to welcome our newest edition to the Selah family. We are ever thankful and grateful to Nancy for allowing Davino to join our family, enjoy some shows and become part of our breeding program.  Little did we realize at first that Davino is the first *Star of Havanna* puppy to come to America!!  We feel so blessed and promise to treasure him  <3

Nancy and I were in contact several months prior to the mating of his litter and I awaited this special breeding.  Davino was specially picked for his pedigree and his conformation, looking specifically for genetic diversity, low inbreeding coefficient, and excellent conformation, structure, and temperament.  He is from a litter of 7, one girl and six boys!  A perfect litter to pick a boy from! Color was not a consideration as I was looking specifically for excellent structure and wonderful temperament, though we think he is beautiful and love his gorgeous eyebrows.  Nancy was so kind and patient and helped to pick the nicest puppy that would make an excellent show prospect as well as addition to our breeding program. He is very much like his mama Maja, a nice little package representing the Havanese standard very well and also being very happy in temperament and thinking the world is all about him saying 'look at me'.  We are thrilled with Davino and think he is going to make a great contribution.

Having waited until his immunizations were complete, he was 4.5 months before he made the very long travel from Germany to the US and arrived tail wagging and ever so happy to greet his new family.  He immediately bonded with us and acted as if he has always been here, getting along with human and furry family members.  He's a great little boy, who is smart, happy and so much fun, not to mention a little snuggle bug.  We couldn't be happier to have him as part of our family!  Thank you Nancy... you are correct... he is wonderful!

Davino is about the happiest dog ever.  We refer to him as Davino-beano, which makes him really happy. He is such a fun loving dog with great athletic skills.  He knows no stranger and fears nothing.  Davino is a joy to have around the house and some of his silly antics make us laugh. He seems to always be the center of attention... but always in a good way.  His sweet spirit is contagious and we absolutely adore him.

Davino is major pointed and half way to his championship and is beginning to train for agility.  He loves to play and is always happy doing anything we ask.  He always wants to please and is such a sweetheart.   We are also thinking with maturity he may make a wonderful therapy dog, as he is exceptionally attentive and understanding with our autistic daughter, he simply adores her and always makes her feel special and loved, even on days when she is having a very difficult time.  Davino is a very special boy indeed.
CH Perfection Revealed *Star of Havanna* ~ Puzzle
Silky coat
ayay, DD, BB, Ee
Does not carry curly, satin, chocolate or dilute.

9 inches and 10 pounds

Apricot Irish Pied​

In  a happy turn of events, I was chatting with Nancy and discovered she had a lovely litter of 8.  Both parents are absolutely gorgeous and the pedigree was a very nice compliment to my breeding program. Thus began our wait to see if one of the boys would turn out nicely to come live with us.  Thankfully Nancy contacted me and said she loved this little apricot/white boy, who reminded her so much of his daddy BuBu, who is not only stunning, but also a top winning dog in Europe.   You simply couldn't find two more lovely dog in both looks and temperament.

We are thrilled to welcome Puzzle into our home and are excited to begin him in the show ring this summer.   He is a very silly and happy boy, always his tail is wagging and happy.  His markings are beautiful and it will be interesting to watch his colors develop with age.  For now, he is our beloved and sweet little Puzzle, providing us great joy and happiness.

​Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.  All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God knows me completely.  1 Corinthians 13:12

​Like a puzzle, life is a mystery, with us only seeing pieces at a time, however, once those pieces of life are all placed together they make a beautiful masterpiece, and the perfection of the design is revealed.  Our sweet Puzzle helps us remember, our breeding program, as well as our lives, is complete only as one piece compliments another until the entire tapestry reveals the remarkable beauty of the finished work.

To us, each of our precious dogs is not only a masterpiece in and of themselves, but also a piece in the puzzle, marking each beautiful, and each leading to yet another part of the puzzle. We are looking forward to the part our sweet and silly Puzzle will play in the tapestry of Selah puppies.

A puppy is not just an entity unto itself, but also a reflection of those who came before them. We are very thankful for the opportunity to add this sweet, wonderful little boy to our family. We are also thankful for his wonderful breeder, Nancy, and her dedication to the breed, her willingness to work with us and trust us with her precious puppies.  We are also thankful for the ancestors of our precious dogs and the pieces of the puzzle they have added to our breeding program.  

Puzzle loved the ring, sometimes a little too much, acting a bit like a silly clown, but he did great and quickly earned his Championship at only 8 months, having won a 5 point major, best puppy twice and Toy Group 2 & 3. He is now home growing up and hopefully will begin the quest for his Grand Championship in 2018!

Puzzle is the happiest puppy and loves, loves, loves everyone. He loves to play and also loves to snuggle. We adore this little boy!

Mom got a little crazy with her new clippers and gave Davino a 'little' trim.  :)   Maybe a bit like a draft horse with his adorable fluffy feet!  This adorable cut goes right a long with his happy go lucky personality and he loves the easy grooming and so do I.  

CH Selah Precision Driven ~ Jaguar
Gold Sable
DD, BB, Ee
Does not carry satin, curly, chocolate or dilute.

10.25 inches and 11 lb

Jag has passed his hearing, eyes, patella, cardiac and blood panels.  OFA page 
Jaguar (Jag) is our keeper puppy from Melody's last litter. We specifically bred this litter to keep a boy to carry on her line on the male side of the pedigree.  Zuri is his daddy.  Jag is a very nice combination of his mom and dad.  He is very moderate in size with a lovely front and rear, silky coat, beautiful bite with all dentition, lovely very dark almond eyes. He is about the happiest boy ever, so easy going, playful and loving.  He is turning out to be everything we were dreaming of. 

Jag loves to play with other dogs and the kids.  He loves everything!!  He is very easy to live with and a really special little guy.  We couldn't be more thrilled with him.  We are hopeful he will one day be a part of our breeding program.

Jag is named after my all-time favorite vintage car, which I hope to own someday, the Jaguar!

Jag quickly earned his Championship, winning three Major wins.  He finished up with a Big win at the York show against some really nice competition, going Winners Dog against 17 other dogs then going Best of Winners, in all winning against 35 very nice dogs.  Jag was expertly shown by Christy Collins. On top of being beautiful, Jag is the sweetest dog ever, so very friendly, and also quite the silly, playful boy.  We love our Jag and are very proud of him!

We hope to have some lovely Jag babies in the future.
CH Selah El Rey Thankfully Blessed ~ Mateo
Black/tan with white markings
kyky, atat, Ee, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

10.5 inches, 12 pounds

Mateo was bred here at Selah.  His mom is Melody and his dad is Ruger.  He is a perfect combination of the two and is a very beautiful boy.

Mateo is the dearly loved family member of my good friend Maishelle and her daughter Alli at El Rey Havanese.  He is a wonderful boy, all around good natured, easy going, loves everyone and is a joy to be around.  Mateo has a beautiful silk coat and lovely structure.   

Mateo is athletic and smart as well as beautiful. He enjoys the company of everyone and loves to go places, explore new things and meet new people. He currently is in training to be a therapy and service dog.  He is a real love and a super sweet boy. 

We are thrilled to use Mateo in our breeding program, he carries forward the genetics from Harley and Ruger (seen on our generations page).  Our sweet little River, Selah Lay Your Troubles Down,  is from our Mercy x Mateo litter and we are super excited to watch her mature.

El Rey Havanese is also growing up Farmington, Selah El Rey Little Farmer Boy and Hopi, Selah A Tale of Three Chile, who are also from our Mercy x Mateo litter.

​Mateo has passed all of his health testing including eyes, heart, patella, hips, hearing, blood panels for liver and kidney.  OFA Page
Our males are available for stud to approved, health tested, AKC registered Havanese females.